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Presentation: Designing for the iPhone Developer

Tuesday, 01 September 2009

The slides from the talk I gave to the Brighton iPhone Creators group last wednesday are available on slide share here. The Ribot team were there, and after my presentation, the whole group got talking about general user experience in iPhone apps.

Antony backed me up on my thoughts that the polish of an app’s interface and the user’s experience really convinces the user that the developer took care in creating the program as a whole, even if you never know it. I know I still find that if an app feels good, I’m more likely to trust that it’s good under the hood.

Thanks to all that came and at least appeared to be interested. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about Core Data at the Apple Store on Regent Street for the London iPhone Developer Group, I’ve already posted the code I plan to use for it on BitBucket, so you can follow the code while I talk about it.