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A Nice Little Update

Saturday, 16 December 2006

After a while you realise that you need to properly jump on the bandwagon, for some reason. For this I blame Steff, who convinced me that Wordpress was the way forward, and y’know I think he’s right. The whole system is stored on your server along with the rest of your content. Before I was using Blogger and with their system you had to go through their servers to make a post or add a comment, which would then log on to your server to update the changes. This rocks basically. It is nicer to look at and easier to modify to get it to fit into the rest of the site.

So you’ll all be pleased to here that you can leave comments on here now, feel free to tell me how boring my blogging is, or what you make of my colour scheme. I blame Blogger for the lack of comments, for two reasons. It is impossible to have two different layouts for the post page and the main pages, and for my ideas, I needed to be able to customise both to be slightly different. Secondly, was the horrible way you had to go to a Blogger page to post a comment. It made viewing and using the site seem very inconsistent. As you can see WordPress gives you a text box at the bottom of the page to make comments, which is nice and straight forward.

There are so many other niceties to using WordPress for content, such as its sidebar to the right and ability to add searching and categories.